The Magical Games at Hogwarts

The year is 2030 and it's finally time for Hogwarts to host the Triwizard Tournament once more. Who will win?

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 Ayame Osagawa

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Ayame Osagawa
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Ayame Osagawa

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Name: Ayame Osagawa
Age: 15
Date of birth: 26 April, 2015
Place of birth: Chiba, Japan
Current living place: Mora, Sweden
Blood status: Half-blood
Year: fifth

Eye colour: Brown
Hair colour&style: Dark brown, long and often found in pigtails that are either in loose curls or braids or a side pony tail
Height: 5'1"
Body build: Thin
Other(such as tattoos): Ears pierced once.

Wand: Ash, 9", Dragon heartstring
Pet(s): Chow Chow named Momiji(owned with her aunt)

Character likes: Travelling, art, Japan, Durmstrang, Momiji, her aunt, magic, singing
Character dislikes: People making fun of her country, cats, wind, cold weather

Character background:
Ayame was born on 26 April to Tōru and Aoi Osagawa on a rainy night in Chiba. Her father, a Muggle, was a professional golfer while her mother, a half-blood, was an actress. When Ayame was two, a drunk Muggle driver caused a car accident and took the lives of her parents. Her aunt, Momoko, moved back to Japan from Ireland to take care of her. Up till she was the age of eleven, she lived in various places over Japan, England, Germany, Norway, Philippines, Denmark, Finland and France. On her eleventh birthday, her aunt had given her an option to chose which ever wizarding school that she wanted to attend. After a few weeks, Ayame chose Durmstrang. The two soon moved to Mora, Sweden. Ayame made a deal with Momoko that she would only attend school if her aunt got a job at the school to be close because she was afraid something would happen to Momoko like what happened to her parents.

Ayame does a lot of singing in her spare time, but refuses to sing in anything but Japanese.

Father: Tōru Osagawa (deceased)
Mother: Aoi Osagawa (née Tsuji) (deceased)
Aunt(guardian): Momoko Tsuji
Siblings: -
Partner/Spouse: -

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Ayame Osagawa
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