The Magical Games at Hogwarts

The year is 2030 and it's finally time for Hogwarts to host the Triwizard Tournament once more. Who will win?

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 Lost On Holiday...Smart Move (Open)

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Alastair Creed
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Lost On Holiday...Smart Move (Open) Empty
PostSubject: Lost On Holiday...Smart Move (Open)   Lost On Holiday...Smart Move (Open) EmptySat Jan 07, 2012 7:00 pm

It was supposed to be a holiday. You know, one of those where you have to spend time with your family doing family related stuff. Most certainly not out partying with foreign muggle girls and if found doing so, pretending you were lost and just asking for help. But hey, when your ego and hormones kicked in, it had to be done! Not that the guy would risk getting STIs from someone that wasn't part of the wizarding world. The thought made 17 year old Alastair shiver, as he stepped out of the nightclub. and attempting to get drunk had been quite fun, really, but now it looked like he had no clue where he was and which was the way to the beach house his dad had bought here in Spain a few years ago. Hey, looked like he could tell the truth for once and let people know that he was in fact lost and would they care to help?

Jeez, he needed to think now; retrace his steps and see what had led him all the way here. To no avail; he was too wasted. But unlike others, Alastair didn't lose his temper nor was aggressive whenever he got drunk; instead, it led to short time memory loss...which was why he had no clue how to get back home. Heck, he'd even forgotten he had a mobile phone in his back pocket and cash for a cab in his front one.

"Well my friend...looks like you're screwed for once..." He mumbled to himself, taking a deep breath and shrugging. It was sill daylight; somebody was bound to come out and find him soon.

They could take their sweet time though, as the brunet was now currently relaxing on what he figured out was the other side of the beach from where the beach houses were.'ll take him hours to walk back round, so maybe staying around here for a while wasn't sub a bad idea at all.

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Lost On Holiday...Smart Move (Open) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Lost On Holiday...Smart Move (Open)   Lost On Holiday...Smart Move (Open) EmptySun Mar 25, 2012 5:35 am

Eerie sighed and shuffled the deck of cards in her hands, a small, button nose wrinkling at what she was doing. Stupid Mother. She thought in annoyance. "Your grandma would want you to do this." Eerie mocked in a passable imitation of her dearest mother. "She had this deck since she turned ten. Do not come home unless you receive ten signatures saying you did their reading."

Curse that infernal woman. 

With quick and efficient movements, she had her booth set up near the back of the beach and fixed the large sign that read, 'Eerie Readings." It was nighttime and she was dressed in mundane clothing, not bothering with the Wizarding World dress robes- something about Statue of Secrecy. Walking around her booth, she was happy that it looked fine and not very welcoming. That way, no one would come near. 

This changed when she heard heard a slight noise a little further back. Her ears perked up as she reached for the pepper spray in her back pocket. Sure she had her wand, but could she do without getting kicked out of Hogwarts. Rounding a darkened bend, she stopped abruptly as Eerie spotted a- what appeared to be- a slumped figure. She cocked her head to the side and pursed her lips. "Hey." She prodded the male's leg. "You can't sleep here." Her hand stood at ready, just in case the guy turned out to be creeper. "Hey!"

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Lost On Holiday...Smart Move (Open)
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