The Magical Games at Hogwarts

The year is 2030 and it's finally time for Hogwarts to host the Triwizard Tournament once more. Who will win?

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 Tito Quintilliano Lentini V

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Tito Lentini V
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Tito Lentini V

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Name: Tito Quintilliano Lentini V (Nicknames: Little T, Little Tito, T)
Age: 16
Date of birth: August 13th
Place of birth: New York City, America
Current living place: London, England (Scotland during the school years)
Blood status: Muggleborn
Year: 5th
House: Ravenclaw

Eye colour: Brown
Hair colour&style: Dark blonde, short
Height: 5' 10"
Body build: Lean, but decently built
Other(such as tattoos): A silver ring in his left ear.

Wand: Oak, 10", Unicorn hair
Pet(s): None

Character likes: His sister, his family, peace and quiet, fighting, doing 'business'
Character dislikes: Hogwarts, the law, law enforcement, magic

Character background:

Tito Quintilliano Lentini V was born to Tito Quintilliano Lentini IV and Gabriella Celia Lentini, and was raised in a criminal environment in New York City. He grew up learning how to 'do business,' as his father called it. He learned how to handle a gun, a knife, a bat, garrote wire, anything.

During the summers, he and his cousins D'Angelo and D'Arzenta used to roam London, doing what Tito's grandfather, Papa Tito, called 'the little business.' They would go to schools, find students, and take their lunch money. They were, through and through, bullies.

The only one who could keep Tito in check when he got a little out of line was his sister, Arianna. She would stop him when he went far enough to start drawing attention to himself, and she always made sure to get him out of trouble on the rare occasions that he got caught doing something.

At age 11, after the Family had moved to England, he got his letter, telling him that he was a wizard. This actually didn't surprise him, since Arianna had gotten the same kind of letter the year before. Unlike Arianna, though, he was reluctant to go to Hogwarts, saying that he'd rather stay home, and learn, so that he could take over the family one day. However, Papa Tito and Arianna managed to convince him to go. He did so reluctantly, and made sure to bring weapons, so he wouldn't be completely defenseless.

When he reached the age of 14, and got back from school, Papa Tito brought Tito with him on a 'business trip.' They were ambushed by a man from a rival family, resulting in Papa Tito getting shot. Tito, in a fit of rage, pulled a knife, and charged at the man, stabbing him to death, before calling an ambulance.

Papa Tito survived thanks to Tito's actions, and Tito was praised by the whole family. His father even git him his very own gun after that, a silver Colt .45 with an ivory grip. Tito brought this gun to school, though he always kept it in his dorm, hidden under his pillow. He never brought it with him to class.

Tito Quintilliano Lentini V is a cold, calculating individual, who is extremely smart, and always plans at least two steps ahead. If it wasn't for the fact that he's muggleborn, he would have been placed in Slytherin, due to his sly, ambitious mind, and his criminal tendencies.

He has a slight case of kleptomania, and if he sees something shiny, there's a good chance that he'll steal it, and be gone before you even realize that something is missing. His eyes are those of a seasoned killer, having killed five people in his past, even though he's only 16. His favorite choice of weapon is the garrote wire, which he takes great pleasure in using.

Father: Tito Quintilliano Lentini IV
Mother: Gabriella Celia Lentini
Grandfather: Tito Quintilliano Lentini III
Sister: Arianna Bianca Lentini
Uncle: Valentino Lentini
Cousin: D'Angelo Lentini
Cousin: D'Arzenta Lentini
Cousin: Narduccio Lentini
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Tito Quintilliano Lentini V
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