The Magical Games at Hogwarts

The year is 2030 and it's finally time for Hogwarts to host the Triwizard Tournament once more. Who will win?

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 Anastasia Marwolathe

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Anastasia Marwolathe
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Anastasia Marwolathe

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Name: Anastasia Sierra Marwolathe
Age: 16
Date of birth: 5th July
Place of birth: London
Current living place: Durmstrang and London
Blood status: Half-blood
Year: Sixth

Eye color: Gray-ish black that shine in the darkness, but only sometimes.
Hair colour&style: Her hair color is black and it always stays messy and wavy. If she does however, spend like two hours brushing it, it falls neatly into waves around her.
Height: 5'8
Body build: Athletic, slim, but curvy.
Other(such as tattoos): Crescent scar above her left elbow. Nothing too big, but noticeable enough. She always wears a watch and the charms bracelet, generally wears a pendent, matching with whatever she is wearing.

Wand: Blackthorn wood, Phoenix feather core, Eleven inches, Volatile
Pet(s): A hyperactive golden retriever pup named Snitch.

Character likes:
When everything goes her way
Being in control
Having fun
The smell of chocolate
Going shopping
Randomly making up songs
Getting her own way
Hanging out with friends
Pulling pranks
Spicy things
Bending Rules

Character dislikes:
Cheating or cheaters
When she feels exposed or weak,
Not being in the limelight
Being second to anyone
Not getting her own way
Getting into trouble
Being stereotyped/put into boxes
Taking advantage of others/herself
Waking Up.

Character background:
Kiara Rookbird and Aaron Marwolathe were young, in love and delusional. They believed that their love could withstand the pressures of the society that come when a pureblood wizard marries a muggleborn witch. They were wrong, and even the birth of their daughter couldn't help matter and when Anastasia turned 12, they filed in for divorce, ending their 14 year marriage. neither of them wanted custody of Anastasia and this event made Anastasia's feel unwanted and lonely, a feeling with which she still lives.

Even before the divorce, her parents were cold and hostile towards each other and barely took notice of their daughter. Anastasia grew up being neglected by both of her parents, instead, the servants took care of her. When she turned eleven, then finally her parents took a little time out of their busy lives to argue about which school Anastasia would go to. Her father wanted Hogwarts, while her mother wanted Beauxbatons. Sick of them and their arguments, Anastasia instead enlisted herself in Durmstrang, a decision which she sometimes regrets.

Her mother, after the divorce lives a free life from which she barely takes time out for Anastasia, instead she is busy pretending to be young and happening once again with a string of casual relationships. Her father, on the other hand, married once again to Ariadne Ellingham. When she was fourteen, her half sister Brielle was born and Anstasia is hugely jealous of her, due to the attention and pampering she receives from both her parents, something Anastasia never got.

In Drumstrange, she is quiet and keeps to herself, even though she loves being cheerful and having fun. She is different form a lot of students due to her being a Half-blood and a British girl. She has hung on to her British accent over the years and still speaks like a Brit.

Father: Aaron Marwolathe
Mother: Kiara Rookbird
Siblings: Brielle (Half sister)

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Anastasia Marwolathe
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