The Magical Games at Hogwarts

The year is 2030 and it's finally time for Hogwarts to host the Triwizard Tournament once more. Who will win?

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 Never Choose Plan A (Open)

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PostSubject: Never Choose Plan A (Open)   Tue Jan 17, 2012 9:12 am

Staz traced her fingers over the door knob. The new tantrum that Brielle threw was driving her insane, she couldn't stand being around her own family. So she'd come to the coffee shop to drown out her sorrows in a nice warm drink. And maybe some muffins and doughnuts. She pulled her jacket tighter around her, and tapped her foot onto the floor, making a clicky sound each time her converse hit the wood as she tried to spot an empty seat. Before she had walked into the shop, she had been standing around, debating her options. First, was to walk into the shop and order coffee and loads of muffins. Second, was to go to the ice cream parlor and stuff herself with ice cream, even though it was winter. Third had been to go back home and make herself a coffee and read a book. Laziness and practicality had won, and instead of trying to search for an ice cream parlor in Hogsmeade, most probably in vain, she instead entered the coffee shop.

Ordering a latte, box of muffins with two doughnuts Staz sighed and muttered complaints about her shoe which had come loose. Forced to walk in a funny jig to avoid the shoe form coming off her foot entirely, Staz dropped onto the nearest seat and laced up her shoe again, taking care this time to tie it in a knot that she hoped wouldn't come lose. It wasn't until a moment or two that she noticed the other person there. "Oh, I'm sorry. Hi. Shoe came loose. It happens you know, regularly to me, maybe not so regularly to you, but it happens all the same. If you want the seat cleared out, then say it now, don't bother for politeness, because after that, it gets sort of awkward. I like it when things are clear at the very start, taking care of messes later on is tougher and a huge waste of time too. And I like to not waste my time, just like money. Although wizarding money, to muggle money any type is always more, but why waste? For example, instead of buying those really expensive designer fur coats, which, by the way, are no good for the environment, shouldn't we get ourselves a nice phone? Or maybe a laptop? At least a PSP! No wait, that's pretty outdated, I would suggest to wait for the Nintendo Wii U. No wait, that is a long wait, why don't you just get a XBox 360? You know what? Don't bother, its game selection is pathetically low and the prices are just too much!" She rambled unknowingly, not letting the other person get a word in between, suddenly realizing, her eyes widened and she gave a sheepish smile as she ruffled her hair. "I am sorry." She was always this way in Britain, maybe it was because she felt so much more at home here, not singled out as the girl with the ridiculous accent by people who she thought had a ridiculous accent.

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Never Choose Plan A (Open)
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