The Magical Games at Hogwarts

The year is 2030 and it's finally time for Hogwarts to host the Triwizard Tournament once more. Who will win?

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 Freya Littlefield

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Freya Littlefield
Headmistress of Hogwarts
Charms Professor

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PostSubject: Freya Littlefield   Thu Dec 15, 2011 4:24 am

Name: Freya Littlefield
Age: 26
Date of birth: 19 November, 2005
Place of birth: Bristol, England
Current living place: Hogwarts, Scotland during the school year, London, England during the summers
Blood status: Pureblood
Occupation: Headmistress of Hogwarts, Charms professor

Eye colour: Green
Hair colour&style: Dark blond, long and wavy
Height: 5'11"
Body build: Very thin
Other(such as tattoos): Ears pierced once on each side

Wand: Alder, 10", Phoenix Feather
Pet(s): Italian Greyhound - Luna

Character likes: Expensive clothes, expensive Firewhiskey, flirting, reading.
Character dislikes: Paperwork, people with no fashion sense, people questioning her position as Headmistress at a young age.

Character background:
Freya was born to Ann Littlefield in Bristol in mid November. Freya never knew her father as Ann thought it was best for her not to know, leaving Freya with the only information that he, like her mother, was a pure-blood wizard.

At the age of eleven, the sorting hat had a hard time choosing between Slytherin and Ravenclaw, but she landed in Slytherin. During the summers of her later years in Hogwarts and a couple years after leaving the school, she had been modeling at a Muggle agency. In her career, she had became very successful, often being booked for magazine cover shoots, fashion shows and photoshoots all over the world. With being overbooked, Freya had no time to sleep, she wanted a break. But of course, her Agency advised against it, telling her she would never get the chance again. The Agency had given her pills under the table, not telling her what they were, to keep her awake. She soon found herself doing lines of cocaine to be more alert whilst taking photos. That wasn't the only drug Freya did. Her first proper boyfriend was a Muggle drug dealer who supplied her with many more drugs, such as meth, E, heroin and of course, cocaine.

Freya was turning into something she had never wanted; a drug addict. Freya had spent two weeks in St. Mungo's to ween her off the drugs and become clean after her Grandfather's murder. The night she found out he was murdered was also the night she found out it was in his will that she become Headmistress to take his place in Hogwarts.

Father: Unknown by Freya, known by Ann
Mother: Ann Littlefield
Siblings: -
Partner/Spouse: -
Children: -

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Freya Littlefield
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