The Magical Games at Hogwarts

The year is 2030 and it's finally time for Hogwarts to host the Triwizard Tournament once more. Who will win?

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 Malory Wells

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Malory Wells
Transfiguration Professor

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PostSubject: Malory Wells   Tue Jan 31, 2012 6:57 am

Name: Malory Wells
Age: 25
Date of birth: 6th August 2005
Place of birth: Essex, England
Current living place: Essex, England
Blood status: Half-Blood
Occupation: Transfiguration professor

Eye colour: Hazel
Hair colour&style: Blonde, long, slightly wavy
Height: 5'6
Body build: Slim
Other(such as tattoos): One piercing per ear

Wand: Fir, Phoenix Feather, 9 1/2"
Pet(s): Barn Owl named Sierra

Character likes: Transfiguration, teaching, shopping, socialising, singing, modelling, acting, taking care of people
Character dislikes: People who don't try their best, snobs, the media blowing things out of proportion or making things up

Character background: Malory Wells, known as Mal to her friends, is a half blood witch born to the Wizard Tom Wells and the Muggle author Vicky Wells, nee Raeside. She is the middle child and only girl of the three children born to the family. She has a good relationship with both parents and siblings, although as with any siblings they have their fair share of arguments. When James was born, she regularly helped her mother look after him and proceeded to take charge of him on his first school shopping trip to Diagon Alley and keep a close eye on him during his first year at Hogwarts.

During her Hogwarts Sorting, the Sorting Hat spent a while deciding between Gryffindor and Slytherin, because she showed strong traits of each. Eventually, she was sorted into the former, Gryffindor which she was pleased with because everyone in her dads side of the family had been in Gryffindor, and therefore the indecision the Hat had between Gryffidor and Slytherin was very surprising. She played as A Chaser for her house Quidditch team from her 2nd year until she left, being named Captain from her 5th year. Academically she worked hard and achieved good grades, especially in Transfiguration which was undoubtedly her favourite subject. She missed out on becoming a prefect due to the fact that she has never been afraid to speak her mind, even when it meant back chatting her professors. Despite her attitude, she was top of several of her classes and graduated with Os in her OWLs and NEWTs. 

After leaving Hogwarts at 18, Malory found herself at a loss, unsure what to do with her life. She pursued a career as a singer and model in both the Wizarding and Muggle worlds, and also did some acting in the Muggle World,until she was 23 and was quite successful. Her reason for leaving the limelight? The media. The Muggle media, which had initially praised her as an up and coming superstar, started accusing her of taking drugs and she was unable to go anywhere in public without the paparazzi snapping photos of her. If she went outside with a man who was not of some relation to her, it was claimed she was dating them. The final straw came when she was exiting a Muggle nightclub with some friends, slightly drunk, and lashed out at the paparazzi both verbally and physically unable to stop herself due to having had a drink too many. The Wizarding Media did not report such scandals, but she found herself unable to continue her career even so because she was worried that the same thing would occur. 

After this, Malory spent a year writing various freelance articles for Transfiguration Today and making what little money she could. Her brothers worried for her as she was spending more money than she was making, and finally got her to go see a counsellor. After a few months of this, Malory was back on her feet and applied for the Transfiguration post at Hogwarts just before she turned 25. Her friends and family are relieved she is back to normal, the only sign of her previous trauma being her strong dislike of media gossip because she knows how it affects it's subject.

Father: Tom Wells
Mother: Vicky Wells nee Raeside
Siblings: James Wells (younger), Aaron Wells (older)
Partner/Spouse: None yet
Children: None yet
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Malory Wells
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