The Magical Games at Hogwarts

The year is 2030 and it's finally time for Hogwarts to host the Triwizard Tournament once more. Who will win?

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 Stone flowers- (OPEN)

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Stone flowers- (OPEN) Empty
PostSubject: Stone flowers- (OPEN)   Stone flowers- (OPEN) EmptyTue Jan 31, 2012 6:17 pm

Marie ran her hand along the cold stone wall of the viaduct courtyard, her mouth slightly open taking short shallow breaths. She often found herself walking these walls countless times, either thinking or reflecting on life. The slytherin stopped near a crack in the wall and bent down, the cold breeze wafting her brown curls around her face.

“aconitum columbianum” she murmered recognising and reciting the small flowers latin name as a smile grew and she looked upon then small wild purple flower growing through the crack in the stone.

Stone flowers- (OPEN) Tumblr_lwz5h76N4i1r19uwyo2_250 "A bird may love a fish , But where would they live?"
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Stone flowers- (OPEN)
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