The Magical Games at Hogwarts

The year is 2030 and it's finally time for Hogwarts to host the Triwizard Tournament once more. Who will win?

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 Cyryl Maurycy

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Cyryl Maurycy
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Cyryl Maurycy

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Name: Cyryl Maurycy.
Age: 17
Date of birth: 4th February 2013.
Place of birth: Warsaw, Poland.
Current living place: Durmstrang, Sweden.
Blood status: Half-blood.
Year: 7th.

Eye colour: Blue.
Hair colour&style: Blond, messy because of how he often runs a hand through it. He only does that when stressed or bored (mostly when stressed). Other than that, his hair is straight, and fringe often goes into his eyes so he doesn't know where he's going, which explains why he walks into people all the time.
Height: 5'7".
Body build: Muscular, not very though. He does work out in the summer, but not enough to be like one of them male models. He's just pretty well built.
Other(such as tattoos): He always seems to wear a bracelet (one of males, okay? Yes, these things really do exist! It doesn't look like one of those charm bracelets that girls wear!) It's one which has a guitar attached to it and his name engraved in the back of it. It's the only thing he has left from his mum.

Wand: Hornbeam, 10 1/2, Unicorn hair, quite rigid.
Pet(s): Bat called Drake.

Character likes: Music, Drake, getting on with everybody, Charms, summer spent with his older brother, clearing his thoughts by flying around on his broom, Quidditch.
Character dislikes: Seeing people get hurt. He's a very optimistic person and dislikes few things.

Character background: At the early age of three, Cyryl's English mother died of cancer, after having fought it for around five years (but thankfully was not yet passed on to him) and her heart finally giving away. His father left long before he was born, so he had never met him, not even when said father actually requested to see him. Until turning 11 and ready to attend Durmstrang Institute, Cyryl had lived with his mother's sister, whom he calls Aunt K, or just simply Kate.

His older brother, Cezar, had told him about their father when he was a very young boy (around the age of 7) and so he knows all he needs to. Stories about his mother were mainly ones told with sourness and absolute hatred, as Cezar often led him to believe she was a mean woman who loved no one and the only thing she ever did was threaten everyone about what she'd do if they didn't do as they were told. Nevertheless, Cyryl hadn't been one to believe that his mother had really been that cruel. Now about his 22 year old brother, he loves spending time with him even though they are so different.

Cyryl is a boy with many problems in the past, but unlike most people having them, he doesn't take his anger, stress or sadness out on others, but merely keeps things to himself. You know he's upset when he's quieter than usual, him being a quite loud and outgoing person overall. Also, he's a sporty guy but doesn't wish for a career in it, but rather is one to wish for a career in music, as he had an unique, warm singing voice and his guitar-playing is amazing. People open up to him a lot as he's a good listener and doesn't judge.

It's hard to have an argument with him even if you ask for it, but when he does get into an argument with someone, he can certainly hold a grudge.

Father: Dariusz Maurycy.
Mother: Anna Maurycy (maiden name: Anna Richardson)
Siblings: 22 year old brother, Cezar Maurycy.
Partner/Spouse: None.
Children: None.
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Cyryl Maurycy
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