The Magical Games at Hogwarts

The year is 2030 and it's finally time for Hogwarts to host the Triwizard Tournament once more. Who will win?

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 Anna McGeoch

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Anna McGeoch
School Healer

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Name: Anna ("Annie") McGeoch
Age: 28
Date of birth: December 6th
Place of birth: Bedford (north of London), but moved to London a few months later
Current living place: Hogsmeade Village
Blood status: Muggle-born
Occupation: Hogwarts school Healer

Eye colour: Blue
Hair colour&style: Blonde and a bit wavy
Height: 5'9"
Body build: Slim
Other(such as tattoos): A burn on her left hand from a potions accident at St. Mungo's.

Wand: Birch, unicorn hair, ten inches.
Pet(s): Small black cat named Lucky.

Character likes: Music, cats, mangos, teaching.
Character dislikes: Quidditch (it injures too many people), dogs, guns, motorcycles.

Character background: Anna's mother died in childbirth and she was raised by her father. He was busy working as a doctor, though, so they moved into London to be closer to her father's sister, Joanna (a single woman with no children), who could take care of Anna while her father was at work. When Anna turned eleven and began spending a lot of time away at Hogwarts, Joanna met a man named Samuel. She married him two years later. Their son James was born when Anna was eighteen, just graduated from Hogwarts.

When James was two and Anna twenty, Samuel and Joanna died in a motorcycle accident. James came to live with Anna's father, George, but he was distressed by the loss of his only sibling and began drinking. He passed away of kidney failure when Anna turned twenty-three, in the middle of her apprentice-ship at St. Mungo's. Guardianship of James, now five, passed to Anna. She no longer had the time to work at St. Mungo's and was forced to leave her apprenticeship a year early to take care of him. Because she had never finished her apprenticeship, however, she was unable to find a job at a hospital.

Hogwarts was desperate for a competent Mediwitch with the Triwizard Tournament already in planning, and hired her two years later, when she was twenty-five. Now she spends much of her time at Hogwarts working, but spends most meals at home with James ("Jamey"). Now that Jamey is ten, he is old enough to help out a bit in the shop next door, an antique store run by an older woman they call Nana. She gave Anna a set of bells--one stays just inside the door of the infirmary and the other is hung in the kitchen of her house--in case of a medical emergency at Hogwarts while she's away.

She was adopted by a stray black kitten when she moved to Hogsmeade. She named him Lucky; he lives in the Hospital Wing and has been known to fetch Anna from her office when an injured student enters the infirmary.

Father: George McGeoch
Mother: Elizabeth McGeoch nee Olsen
Siblings: None.
Partner/Spouse: None.
Children: None, but her ward James lives with her in Hogsmeade.
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Anna McGeoch
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