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The year is 2030 and it's finally time for Hogwarts to host the Triwizard Tournament once more. Who will win?

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 Third Years: DADA Lesson: The Boggart

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Elliot Stabler
Deputy Headmaster of Hogwarts
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Elliot Stabler

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PostSubject: Third Years: DADA Lesson: The Boggart   Sun Feb 05, 2012 12:32 am

Stabler walked briskly as he brought the wardrobe containing the Boggart in with the hand-truck he always had. He couldn't levitate it into the classroom, since most of the wardrobe was constructed from magic-resistant materials, perfect for locking up a Boggart. Stabler always found it odd that people never tried to learn more about Boggarts. But his job wasn't to give the students a whole background on Boggarts, he was supposed to teach them about how to defend themselves against one.

Sighing as he put the wardrobe down, he slid out the hand-truck and wheeled it over towards his desk. The chairs and desks were cleared out of the way for this lesson, since it would be a hands-on learning experience. He walked over to the board, picking up a piece of chalk and writing the following:

Defense Against The Dark Arts
Third Years
Put your bags in the corner and take out your wands
Pay Attention

After he finished writing, he turned around to see the first of the students filing in. Once the rest of the class walked in, somewhat surprised it was so small, he sighed, and brought out his wand. "Morning class, and welcome back to Hogwarts. You already know me, but for those who forgot, or those who're just coming in, then be warned that I'll have no horsing around in my classroom. I deal detentions for horsing around, as any of the other students here can tell you."

Stabler motioned to the wardrobe. "Today we'll be learning about Boggarts. Now, who can tell me the basics about a Boggart?"

Professor Elliot Stabler
Defense Against the Dark Arts
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He'll investigate the fuck out of it.
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Elizabeth King
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Elizabeth King

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PostSubject: Re: Third Years: DADA Lesson: The Boggart   Sun Feb 05, 2012 10:46 am

Lizzie was one of the first students to enter Professor Stabler's classroom for Defence Against the Dark Arts, not wanting to be late and risk a detention so soon into the year. She glanced at the board as she entered and put her bag in the corner, taking out her wand, as per the instructions. She was excited to see that they would be dealing with Boggarts today, although with that excitement there was a slight sense of dread; what would her worst fear be? And, more importantly, would she be able to control that fear and repel the Boggart? She knew the theory, having read about them in her book during the summer, but putting said theory into practice was likely to be a lot easier said than done.

When the Professor asked for what students knew about the Boggart, Lizzie raised her hand.
"A Boggart is a shapeshifter, Professor. It takes the shape of whatever one fears the most." She frowned, trying to remember what else the book had said. "As such, no one knows the true form of a Boggart?"
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Lumen Lass
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Lumen Lass

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PostSubject: Re: Third Years: DADA Lesson: The Boggart   Mon Apr 02, 2012 9:37 am

Lumen came in just a minute later, tossing her bag as gently as possible into the corner and drawing out her wand. Clutching it, she came to stand next to Elizabeth, and her eyes immediately darted to the board.
A Boggart?
Oh no.
Lumen was too busy working out what her biggest fear actually was to answer the professor's question. However, when Elizabeth gave the answer, she nodded sharply in agreement, offering her a smile.
Lumen also felt compelled to add: "A Boggart is best confronted in pairs, seen as it can be quite confusing for it. The charm that combats the Boggart is..." There was a brief moment of silence as the young witch concentrated on what she'd learned over the break. "...Riddikulus."
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PostSubject: Re: Third Years: DADA Lesson: The Boggart   

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Third Years: DADA Lesson: The Boggart
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