The Magical Games at Hogwarts

The year is 2030 and it's finally time for Hogwarts to host the Triwizard Tournament once more. Who will win?

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Eerie Monet
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Eerie Monet

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Name: Eerie Monet
Age: 16
Date of birth: Sunday. 12:46 A.M. April 13, 2014.
Place of birth: Belle, Kirkland.
Current living place: Hogwarts, England.
Blood status: Muggleborn
Year: Sixth
House: Hufflepuff

Eye color: Gray
Hair color & style: Usually gelled up, so it's all over the place. But sometimes it's down to her shoulders... when left alone.
Height: 5'5"
Body build: Slim, curved.
Other: Three piercings along her right ear.

Wand: Thestral tail hair. Willow. 11'
Pet(s): Cat. Something magical, she suspects... Kneazles

Character likes: Reading. Karate. Knives. Fire. Rabbits, expecially the one from that story she read before... Bunnicula. Charms is her best class and Potions her worse.

Character dislikes: Meany heads and bullies. Gossipers. Girly-Girls. God worshipers (sure I believe in god, but just because I do doesn't mean you have to continue preaching to me).

Character background:

She was, unfortunately, named after her grandmother. Said grandmother was into all that voodoo crap that goes around the world. Eerie I was a fake. Having no talent in tarot cards and fortune telling, she was left with an enormous debt to several banks that was to be left with the closest living relatives. Luckily, it was Eerie I's grandson that received said debt.

Eerie II, having grown up with her grandmother had a very strong hatred of anything related to the supernatural. And, if luck would have it, she just had to find out she was a witch when she hit eleven. For a while, she hated herself, going as far as to throw away any mirrors in the house to avoid looking at herself.

But, that passed as did her her hatred of the supernatural... somewhat anyways. She still tries to convince herself magic isn't real, though now that she's a Sixth Year at Hogwarts, it getting kinda hard to resist thinking about it. Many had called her foolish for actually entertaining the idea that magic was fake, but they hadn't grown up with her grandmother. Damn batty old woman.

She had few friends, most being admirers from both male and female alike, but she had only gone out with one of them. And that, was a pity date. Her friends call her kind hearted, as she's always there to help and always has a shoulder to cry on. Others, on the other hand, says she's weird and/or too perceptive. The only reason she got into Hufflepuff was because she worked for everything she had in her life as of now, and of her friends- she was the loyalest of them all.

Tony had died of a heart attack.

Mother is currently working as a secretary for some law firm.

Mack had received grandmothers' debt, but also an inheritance from his father.

Father: Tony Monet (Deceased)
Mother: Hail Monet
Siblings: Mack (Nicknamed Macky) Step Brother, Father's side.
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Eerie Monet
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