The Magical Games at Hogwarts

The year is 2030 and it's finally time for Hogwarts to host the Triwizard Tournament once more. Who will win?

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 Lucretia Autumns

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PostSubject: Lucretia Autumns   Lucretia Autumns EmptyThu Mar 08, 2012 11:08 pm

Name: Lucretia Autumns
Date of birth:May 10th
Place of birth:Romania,Europe
Current living place:
Blood status: half blood
Year: sixth
Eye colour:brown
Hair colour&style:brown
Height: 5.9
Body build:Her body is some what thin and lengthy. Skin is pale some what and small looking.
Other:She has scars on her stomach and burn place on her hands.

Wand:9 1/2" Rosewood with Phoenix Feather
Pet(s): Black German Shepherd

Character likes:She likes music,books,gardening,movies and animals.
Character dislikes:History of magic,flying and people who are not open mind

Character background:Her mother was witch and her father was muggle. The two meet when she went on vacation to Romania. There romance grew and with it came Lucretia. So at early age not much but her mother decieved her father that she was not witch. They were always fighting with one another with on the subject because he found out that she was witches.As she grew up in this violence she start to hang out with wrong people liked vampires who teach how poetry. She was great writer and that was till her mother found out that she was hanging out with wrong people such as vampire. She been giving them blood by with needles. This anger her mother so speak she start to yell at her and beating her up over it. Because which caused more fighting among her parent. She was sent to muggle school at early age to keep her from hanging out with vampires. But the more student around her thought she was freak and the teacher thought she was bit smart when it came English and poetry she was highly advance in it because her friend that was vampire was bard that wrote songs and poety when she was school and all they could do. She came of course they where fighting and she did her homework and not mention that people she did her work till one day some thing strange happened within the school people where bully her one day. She made these plant vines move and they wrapped around this boy arm and legs and would not let him go till she was out rang. Because her parent where called and such things she of course her parent mad at her because she did not want her power to developed. Then she was beaten by both parent and sent within the attic and things went from worst she did not get owl letter because her parent got it before she did. Then one night she took off through the forest and that was big mistaked she was maul by some werewolf and was able to escaped she was attack by it and bitten by it. She was able to escaped by slamming rock on to it head and she took off running and then she came across a dog that was stray. It was young and seemed to sense that she need help and he came toward her. She was terrific about just everything but he did not give up she came over lick her face. She wrap around the dog she went to helping her to get some place safe. The dog left for a minute and she came back with some vampires. They where shock by this and appralled by what her parent had done to her. She told them everything about her parent and the accident magic. Bianca the vampire who was some young and old but she decide to help her decide on the school she would go to school too. That is she decide to durstrang school of witchcraft. But anyway she told her that she got bitten by something and she allow her to read her thoughts and she saw it was werewolf. That is Bianca went to wizard comunity and she went to potion store for her and got her potion for her. But things went to crazy she just hope that they accept her because vampire did not go to there school. She promised her this that she was her mother no matter what they say about vampires. Because some people thought she was weird that she hang out with people that could kill her but not only that her dog came with her. Bianca has bat that send letter to her about what she was doing. She was still alone and such things that her dog still with Ashes together they take on school and when Ashes is around bully watch out while in school because the only person he listen is his owner which Lucretia. The two where bond together in the years to come she has become quiet good at tranfiguration and potions but not very good at defends against the darkart she does amazing well and tend to keep herself through out school.

The only problem minster of magic butting in on her when they do try to turn her back into her parent they end up beat up again. One time her father burn her hands because she thought they the werewolf potion where poisonous and so when her father pour them down the sink she had no potion to take when she shift to werewolf form which was worst and nothing to control what came next was short of horror movie first person she attack was her father and her mother hex her and was able to get him loss and she grab him and abandon her in the house she torn the house up and everything. The dog had taken off ran away and the dog found outside and the the dog again help her. But the two continue to bond with one another some more. She ran off to Bianca a vampire and together she help her with everything and injures.She took her hand she promise her this that she would not go back to her parent because her hands where burn and they where slight pink and she had to go to doctor and Bianca told them that her father did it.

But because vampire where not trustworthy creature she had to repeat what Bianca told them but in which case she thought that was it and gave up on them though the proof was there that they got along fine and well they where able to heal her hands and where slightly pink. She now tend to wear gloves to most of her class because she does not want to get weird looks from people because they would not believe who done that to her so that why it was waste of time so in which cause she does not want to explain to them.

She has aunt to thanks to her adopt mother Bianca which is name Dymphna Borden who is witch that watch over her some what but she is nice some what watch over her when Bianca is sleeping durring the day. They gotten closed but the two of them together trying to help her so speak helping her doing wizards community and other people and such things. While she was teaching her French as well some other language and such things. Dymphna tends to be with her sister alot for protect against minster but otherwise normal family.
Father:Arsenius Autumns
Mother:Biological motherLaverne Autumns,Adopt mother:Bianca Bowden
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Lucretia Autumns
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