The Magical Games at Hogwarts

The year is 2030 and it's finally time for Hogwarts to host the Triwizard Tournament once more. Who will win?

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 Katarina Daaè

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Katarina Daaè
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Katarina Daaè

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Name: Katarina Daaè
Age: 16
Date of birth: 1/11/2014
Place of birth: London, England
Current living place: London, England
Blood status: Halfblood
Year: 6th year
House: Slytherin

Eye colour: Light blue (icy)
Hair colour&style: Golden, Wild curls.
Height: 5' 8
Body build: slender and tall.
Other(such as tattoos): -

Wand: 10", Hawthorn, Dragon heartstring.
Pet(s): She has a small kitten, a 16th birthday gift from her parents, Named Persephone.

Character likes: Proving people wrong, she enjoys being more intelligent than most people. She likes poetry and old language and tends to quote poets when speaking. She likes to be different and surprise. She is glad to be a Slytherin as she has a silver tongue and quick wits. She loves to read books and old diaries, and sometimes the daily prophet. She tends to be rebellious and enjoys rock music. She likes to paint scenery and sleeping.

Character dislikes: Stereotypical people and sports- Quidditch in particular. She has a strong disliking of warm weather and Muggle studies.

Character background: Katarina is a proud and unsociable, nonconforming feminist. Her Father is a sweet artistic man, who is an Auror. Her mother was a Lawyer and likes to read with her daughter, her parents met out of the blue. Her mother is constantly reading about Wizard laws. Katarina is an only child and enjoys the attention her parents give her.

When she turned eleven, she was excited to receive her Hogwarts letter. She exceeded in potions and history of magic and avoided all Quidditch games.
Father: Dorian Daae
Mother: Pearl Daae
Siblings: None.
Partner/spouse: Single
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Katarina Daaè
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