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The year is 2030 and it's finally time for Hogwarts to host the Triwizard Tournament once more. Who will win?

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 Forbidden Forest (Eerie and Lucifer)

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Lucifer Xenia
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PostSubject: Forbidden Forest (Eerie and Lucifer)   Tue Mar 13, 2012 9:08 pm

The wind was blowing as Lucifer wandered aimlessly into the Forbidden Forest searching for his friend Eerie. Thunder and lightning roared from all around him as rain hit the falling leaves. "E-Eerie?!" Lucifer cried out. "Eerie! Are you there?" He was frightened, but not so much that he couldn't pull out his wand. The leaves rustled from his left, making him turn with a start. "Wh-who's th-there?" He called, turning when he heard another rustle. 'Something was there.' He thought. "E-Eerie? I-Is that you?" He stuttered. "Is that Eerie-girl the only one you ever talk about now? Or did you finally forget me?" Said the mysterious voice. "Lumos." He said as his wand began to glow. "Wh-who's there?"

His stuttering all but disappeared. "Who are you?! Show yourself!" Lucifer shouted.

The voice sounded chastising. "You always were a foolish child Lucifer. Don't you remember your dear old, mother dearest?" It was as mysterious as ever. Lucifer shook his head. "No! That's impossible! My Mother died while giving birth! You couldn't be her!" He then turned around, running deeper into the depths of the Forbidden Forest with tears staining his cheeks. Finally, and surprisingly, he reached a small clearing and found a large rock. He slowed, collapsing in shock and disbelief, screaming his anger to the sky while soaked to the bone.
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Eerie Monet
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PostSubject: Re: Forbidden Forest (Eerie and Lucifer)   Thu Mar 15, 2012 7:26 am

"Nande?" Eerie cursed her surprise, then cursed Lucifer for getting her into those sayings. With all the mangas he was reading, it's a shock people don't take him for an otaku... though most seem to think he was too cute for that. She frowned. The brat. She blinked, then looked up at the sky in shock. It was starting to rain. Silently, she took out her wand, casting a small temporary Transfiguration spell over a large tree branch she found on the floor.

Now, safe and dry under her spelled umbrella, she started towards the forest at a lethargic pace. First, she was sure that Lucifer would go back inside the castle when it started raining. But then she remembered that this was Lucifer she was talking about. He would follow through with anything he said, even at the risk of his own health... the idiot. "Maybe I should've told Leina where I was going." She muttered, not hearing herself over the thunder.

But then, she heard a scream that sounded suspiciously like Lucifer. "Fuck." She cursed, and took off in a dead sprint, ignoring the plants and foliage around her as her ears twitched at the long drawn out screams. As she neared the source of the noise, her eyes narrowed. Yep. It was definitely Lucifer. She skidded to a halt in the middle of a small clearing before walking up to the idiot who sat crying in the rain.

"And people wonder why you're in Hufflepuff instead of Ravenclaw." She grumbled silently, casting several heating charms over Lucifer's chilled body. An umbrella over head, she sat down on the wet, soggy and muddy ground indifferent to the slight 'squish' that resulted in her action. 'Those stains are going to be a bitch to take out.' She thought absently, rubbing a hand over Lucifer's back in an uncharacteristic soothing action.

'The idiot.' And sat there until he had way pass stopped crying.

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Forbidden Forest (Eerie and Lucifer)
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