The Magical Games at Hogwarts

The year is 2030 and it's finally time for Hogwarts to host the Triwizard Tournament once more. Who will win?

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 Caius Aurelius Liang

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PostSubject: Caius Aurelius Liang    Caius Aurelius Liang  EmptyThu May 09, 2013 6:31 am

Name: Caius Aurelius Liang
Age: 14
Date of birth: December 21
Place of birth: Bucharest, Romania
Current living place: Luxembourg, Luxembourg
Blood status: Half-Blood
Year: 3rd year
Eye colour: Black
Hair colour&style: Medium length hair, long enough to cover his eyes and easy enough to be styled quickly
Height: 5'7”
Body build: Lean but not scrawny, more of a runner's or swimmer's build
Other(such as tattoos): Scars all over his body, notably along his back and chest. There is also a small barely noticeable scar from the top of his forehead well into the hairline, usually it is covered by his hair. He also wears a necklace with a piece of jade strung into it.

Wand: Willow wood, 12” Cerberus heartstrings
Pet(s): Owl named Charon

Character likes: Logic, Power, Knowledge, Magic, History, Ice, Family, Runes
Character dislikes: Greed for greed's sake, most governments, conformity, rules, sexists

Character background: Caius Aurelius Liang was born to Qiao Liang in a half way house somewhere in the slums of Bucharest. A child that most would have considered a hopeless case. The circumstance of his birth itself was tragic, as the unfortunate product of a magical abduction and subsequent rape he was-in the truest sense-a bastard child. Fortunately, his mother was a kind and loving women who, despite being broke and a refugee, managed to make a decent living, allowing Caius some very happy childhood years. Until he was six. Caius came home to see his mother bleeding out on the floor, their little apartment was destroyed, and his life was shattered. Left an orphan, the only thing left in his possession was his mother's jade necklace, everything else burned down with their apartment.

From there began a new chapter of Caius' life. He became a ward of the state, going through the system and hopping from orphanage to orphanage, none much better than the last and each just as dangerous. He eventually learned to fight, to steal, to lie. He learned of the corruption of man, learned of their greed, their hatred, their ignorance. At 7 he performed his first bit of accidental magic, seemingly stopping the snowfall so that he could admire it's beauty. At 10 he caught a lucky break and attracted the eyes of what looked like a middle aged couple. He followed them back to Luxembourg and for the first time in many years ate 3 solid meals a day. Though happy of this new development life on the streets had already hardened him, Caius would never forget what he learned and thus he vowed to one day become powerful, to never be weak again. Just as his mother once said to him, “We are all descended from kings child. One day you'll be a king too, you'll make something of yourself and when you do momma’s going to be so proud.”

At age 11 Caius received the letter to Beauxbaton. Surprisingly his foster parents, Alexander and Katarina, were magical as well. As they took him shopping through Magiques Boulevard Caius knew, he knew this was the power, the knowledge that would make him king. He is not greedy or even power hungry, Caius just didn't want to feel pain again. With these thoughts he bought books on every basic subject that was legal (and discretely “borrowed” those that weren't) and threw himself into his studies. He would be powerful, he would be king.

His drive never lessened and only increased with school. Caius now had access to an entire magical library, we now had a place to practice, to learn, to train. They say knowledge is power, Caius wholeheartedly agreed. He quickly found a niche in charms and transfiguration, finding it's infinite possibilities absolutely beautiful. His childhood love of history reemerged with a vengeance, leading him to spend hours in thick tomes and scrolls reading about the societies of old, of powerful magics long forgotten, and the ingenuity – or stupidity- of many. What Caius loved most however were runes. They combined his love for history and his pursuit of knowledge into a powerful yet somewhat esoteric art form. Despite being only in his 3rd year Caius is already powerful in his own right, but knowledge is power and there was still so much more to learn.

Personality wise he is lacking. Traumatized as a child and subjected to horrid conditions Caius seems not only distant but also cold. Though having literally no friends and little social interaction Caius seems content to be alone. Sharp minded and ever vigilant as a testament to his past, it still haunts him. Sometimes he feels cold, sometimes he feels unworthy of love, Caius views himself sometimes as a broken toy and although he does not allow these feelings to define him they certainly are a part of him. Aside from that no many have actually seen his “good” side. Few have spoken to him and even less have seen him smile. Despite all this Caius' story is isn't all that spectacular, with many having the same. In the end he's just a child who was forced to grow up too fast, and with this growth both his wisdom and his pain.

Father: Unknown
Mother: Qiao Liang (deceased)
Siblings: none
Partner/Spouse: none

(If you guys actually read through that ridiculously long and kinda sad background props to you)

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Caius Aurelius Liang
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