The Magical Games at Hogwarts

The year is 2030 and it's finally time for Hogwarts to host the Triwizard Tournament once more. Who will win?

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 Melissa King

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Melissa King
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Melissa King

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Name: Melissa King (Mel or Lissa)
Age: 16
Date of birth: 11th September 2014
Place of birth: Kent, England
Current living place: Kent, England
Blood status: Pureblood
Year: 6th
House: Gryffindor

Eye colour: Green
Hair colour&style: Long, brown, wavy
Height: 5'7
Body build: Tall, slim
Other(such as tattoos): One piercing in each ear

Wand: 9" Laurel with Phoenix Feather core
Pet(s): N/A

Character likes: Quidditch, Transfiguration, Potions, Defence Against the Dark Arts, Shopping, spending time with family and friends
Character dislikes: History of Magic, Herbology, homework

Character background: Melissa is the eldest of three children. She has a close relationship with both her younger sisters, and takes a great deal of responsibility upon herself when it comes to looking after them. She is her youngest sister Lucy's favourite person, and Lucy is always thrilled when Melissa is home from school for the holidays. Melissa helps out her parents, particularly her mother, around the house when she is home.

Despite this, Melissa has been known to have an attitude and can be very sarcastic. She hated History of Magic and Herbology and was eager to drop them after her OWLs, despite managing to achieve O's in them. She is a bright student, and the Sorting Hat spent several minutes deciding whether she was best suited to Ravenclaw or Gryffindor, but eventually decided that she was more than just an intelligent student and therefore sorted her into Gryffindor.

Father: Thomas King
Mother: Jasmine King
Siblings: Lucy King (younger) and Elizabeth King (younger)
Partner/Spouse: N/A
Children: N/A
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Melissa King
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